Started in Philadelphia in 2021, Save Our Neighborhoods (S.O.N.) works to combat the opioid epidemic that is destroying our communities and taking our loved ones lives.





S.O.N. believes that to “Save Our Neighborhoods” from this horrific opioid epidemic, which is killing our loved ones, we must come together as a community. We can accomplish this “ONE BLOCK AT A TIME”. More to come on this topic in April/May 2022.

Our mission


families on the dangers of fentanyl and carfentanil


as many people as possible in Opioid Overdose Reversal using Naloxone/Narcan.


Narcan to anyone who is trained & interested with No Names or Questions asked

About our logo

The Purple Ribbon is for Overdose Awareness

The colors Teal & Orange were Michael’s favorites.

The word NARCAN is in Philly Sans Font.

The Hand with the Narcan is S.O.N.’s GOAL.

When we work together as a community we can accomplish great things. How can you help?

1. Reaching out to request one of our services

2. Signing up to volunteer

3. Attending one of our events

4. Making a donation to help defray our costs.

Ready to become a community again?

Learn how you can help